We All Need A Safe Place To Call Home

BabyBlueOpeningDoorsLogos.pngLandlords Opening Doors is a project of non-profit organization Brothers Redevelopment, Inc. This project is a recruitment effort and community outreach initiative targeted towards local landlords to rent vacant units to persons participating in the Colorado Choice Transitions (CCT).  

CCT is designed to assist Health First Colorado (Colorado's Medicaid Program) members who are interested in transitioning out of long-term care facilities back into a home.   CCT provides members access to state plan benefits, home and community-based waiver services (HCBS) in addition to CCT-enhanced services and supports aimed at promoting independence for 365 days of enrollment.

Think of the Landlords Opening Doors Campaign as a movement of landlords willing to consider the application of a potential tenant who has recovered from a long term health issue, but is now able to live independently.  Our role is to represent and balance the interests of landlords and property managers when engaged in the leasing of a unit to a CCT Participant.

 As a landlord in this campaign, your voice will be heard, your rent payments will be direct deposited on time, and your will be doing right by your community all at the same time. You may contact us by calling  or texting to 720-463-1713  or  call Colorado Housing Connects at 1-844-926-6632

If you would like to further discuss this program or become a partner of the campaign, please contact Brother Redevelopment’s landlord recruitment specialist, Anne M. Pierce at Landlords Opening Doors, 720-463-1713.

If you are ready to answer this opportunity now, click here.

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