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Landlords Opening Doors is a project of non-profit organization Brothers Redevelopment, Inc. This project is a recruitment effort and community outreach initiative targeted towards local landlords to rent vacant units to persons holding a housing voucher. This campaign is  a result of the 25-Cities initiative specifically designed to end homelessness among our Veterans in the community by the year 2016. Read the Metro Mayor's Caucus Endorsement Letter

Think of the Landlords Opening Doors Campaign as a movement of landlords willing to consider the application of a potential tenant who may hold a housing voucher. (More commonly referred to by the retired phrase "Section 8"). The first phase of the campaign was to coordinate with Metro Denver area housing authorities and homeless and housing services provider agencies to streamline their process. Our next phase is to actively seek out vacancies within your rental housing portfolio to lease to our prescreened tenants.

Our role is to represent and balance the interests of landlords and property managers when engaged in the leasing of a unit to a Housing Choice Voucher(HCV) Participant.

The effort to revive and reimagine participation in the VASH/HCV into a more customer service/ landlord focused endeavor was made possible by current housing market dynamics. Housing Authorities, Housing Providers and other Social Service Agencies engaged in assisting a client with a housing placement stand ready to support their client to be as housing-ready as possible. As participating landlords make vacancies available, we seek to match those landlords with voucher holding tenants. As a landlord in this campaign, your voice will be heard, your rent payments will be direct deposited on time, and your will be doing right by your community all at the same time. You may contact us by calling  or texting to 720-463-1713  or  call Colorado Housing Connects at 1-844-926-6632

Thank You to all our sponsors and community partners! If you would like to become a partner of the campaign, please contact Zachary Urban by calling 720-463-1713 or select the Fundraiser tag on your profile.

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