As landlords, we have a choice to make...

BabyBlueOpeningDoorsLogos.pngWelcome to the Landlords Opening Doors Campaign. We are excited to announce the endorsement of the Landlords Opening Doors Campaign by the Metro Mayor's Caucus. You can read their full letter by clicking here.

In the state of Colorado as a landlord we have a choice to accept a housing voucher as a form of payment for rent. If you choose to accept housing vouchers from Veterans or other individuals holding a housing voucher we hope that you choose us to provide you with a choice of prescreened tenants who have obtained a housing voucher due to their hard work and readiness for good tenancy.   We are here to provide Colorado Residents and Colorado Landlords with resources, education, training and most importantly, opportunities to fill vacancies with high quality tenants seeking 12 month or longer term leases who will likely pay rent supported by a Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing Voucher, a Housing Choice Voucher or other manner of a housing subsidy payment.  

  • Participation in the Landlords Opening Doors Campaign makes you potentially eligible for reimbursement for any repairs and damages to your unit, under the $50,000 damage and repair fund created by the Metro Mayors Caucus. 
  • Tenants placed through the Landlords Opening Doors Campaign are housing-ready, prescreened and may be supported by case managers who will intervene and coach tenants toward good tenancy, as needed.
  • Tenants placed through the Landlords Opening Doors Campaign are required to obtain rental coaching and adhere to good tenancy practices such as, direct communication, timely payment of rent, conflict resolution and issue management.
  • Tenants placed through the Landlords Opening Doors Campaign are more likely to remain as longer term tenants when compared to market rate tenants who may move on within 6 months or a year. 
  • Recognition and achievement as a community-minded property owner willing to support affordable housing efforts in our community. 

Join our network of Colorado landlords who choose to connect with good tenants.

A message from First Lady Michelle Obama about the important role landlords serve within our community.

" all have the power to open doors for our vets and give them the stability they deserve." -First Lady Michelle Obama


First Lady Michelle Obama Encourages Landlords to Help End Veteran Homelessness from USICH on Vimeo.

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