Welcome to the Landlords Opening Doors with Colorado Choice Transitions!


You will want to answer this knock on the door. It’s opportunity calling for the whole community.

Housing-services nonprofit Brothers Redevelopment Inc. is recruiting landlords to rent to citizens who are backed by one of the state’s widest and strongest safety-net programs, Colorado Choice Transitions.

The Landlords Opening Doors program is enlisting those Denver Metro Area property owners and managers, whether you have one unit or hundreds, who want to make a real difference in this historically challenging housing market.

Landlords can hit a higher note and still keep a strong bottom line with more stable leases and financial incentives.

Who Are You Helping?

Colorado Choice Transitions provides home- and community-based services that enable elderly, blind, physically or developmentally disabled Medicaid clients, as well as some receiving mental health care, to make the transition to independent living after institutional care, such as skilled nursing facilities or long-term and short-term rehabilitation facilities. The Landlords Opening Doors Campaign is a movement of landlords willing to consider the application of a tenant who has recovered from severe health problems and is now able to live on their own.

How Does This Benefit You?

  • Coloradans ready and eligible for the benefits of this comprehensive program are vetted and backed by Colorado Choice Transitions and the state department of Health Care Policy and Financing

  • Brothers Redevelopment represents and balances the interests of landlords and property managers leasing a unit through Colorado Choice Transitions

  • Clients receive rent assistance (about 70 percent of the rent amount is guaranteed every month and paid directly to the landlord) with the remainder paid by the client

  • Household set-up funds are available

  • Turnover rates are low among disabled and elderly tenants

  • Homemaker services are available to help maintain homes

  • Colorado Choice Transition clients receive intensive case management for the first 365 days that make them better and more reliable tenants

  • Transition coordinators help clients make the change to independent living during the first 30 days

  • Clients receive living-skills training for the first 365 days and benefit from peer mentorship

  • Tenants placed through this program are required to adhere to good tenancy practices, such as direct communication, timely payment of rent and conflict resolution

  • Resources are available for Brothers’ expert construction crew to modify eligible homes for landlords to make them safer and more accessible

Why Does This Matter?

When the whole community comes together for this kind of effort — landlords, state leaders, families, friends, advocates, counselors, medical and other service providers — deserving Colorado residents can secure the kind of housing that makes lives better and communities stronger.

This integrated approach serves society as a whole by eliminating the high costs of housing people in institutional settings who, with a little help, could be living in traditional housing.

How Do I Fill My Vacancy?

Brothers is seeking landlords interested in being part of this community-wide commitment to high-quality independent living for all Coloradans.

If you would like to further discuss this program or become a partner of the campaign, please contact Brother Redevelopment’s landlord recruitment specialist, Anne M. Pierce at Landlords Opening Doors, 720-463-1713.

If you are ready to answer this opportunity now, click here.


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